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Custom laser engraved/cut items and crafts.

Custom laser engraved/cut items and crafts.

Custom laser engraved/cut items and crafts.Custom laser engraved/cut items and crafts.

wedding gifts, wedding favors, or led lamps, let us help!


 With two of my three daughters weddings conveniently falling within a 5 month period, a new business venture was brought to life.​ I added a co2 laser to my shop to make, engrave, cut, and burn many of the decorations and wedding favors for their weddings. After engraving 336 mason jar mugs and pub glasses, 168 coasters in the shape of a police badge and various other décor,  I found I had a new passion for craft work.  When deciding on a name, my daughters suggested Dad Burn It Laser. Not only because my shop often smells of burning lumber but it is my go-to country curse word.  

  Along with laser projects, I also powder coat metal tumblers for custom colors and build various things out of wood, new and reclaimed.  

    I look forward to spending more time in this new venture and helping others to make their day special 

Willy Ivy 


Drink Coaster

What we do


Let us create the perfect wedding decor, wedding gift or wedding favors with custom and personalized crafted decorations, coasters or mugs. 


Reward your best customers with a customized gift to thank them for their business and to continually remind them of their importance.


If your looking for unique gifts or something for yourself, we have a large assortment of wood products to chose from.


Here at DadBurnIt laser, we have a great assortment of acrylic led lamps, acrylic etched mirrors, unique clear acrylic Christmas ornaments as well as impressive cake toppers.